Free parent seminar with Paul Dillon

Posted 20 November 2020 10:33am

2020 has seen our girls face many unforeseen challenges. Whilst we have been relatively fortunate in the ACT, it has nonetheless been a year where our students’ resilience has been tested and where they have had to learn to navigate uncertain times. They have done this with a sense of quiet determination, and the skills they have learnt this year will have a lifelong impact.

The initial impact, however, has manifested itself in a variety of ways across schools in Australia, and indeed around the world. For children and young people, this has been exhibited in an increase in risk-taking behaviours, which has been demonstrated by research across Australia. 

Whilst adolescents will engage in such behaviours and test boundaries as they move through senior school, the sharp increase seen across all schools is a cause for concern. In these times, it is important for parents to be equipped with the most up to date evidence-based information that is available.

For this reason, we are very excited to host Paul Dillon, Director and founder of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) at CGGS. Paul’s presentation, Parents, teenagers, parties, alcohol and other drugs: What's happening now and what can we expect in a post COVID world? will be open to our parents of students in Years 5 -12 on the evening of Thursday, 26 November via Zoom. This will follow on from his presentation to our Year 10 students on the same day.

If interested, please RSVP via the link you have received through Agora.

Paul is an expert in the area of drug and alcohol awareness and prevention education and has worked in partnership with schools and families for over 20 years.  Paul is highly sought after for his presentations as he brings a wealth of knowledge, research and realistic stories.

His online presentation will look at the latest data on alcohol and other drug (AOD) use of Australian secondary school students and discuss the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on teens and socialising, and what effect the pandemic lockdown may have had on teen AOD use.

There are great challenges ahead for parents as they acknowledge the importance of their children's socialising and, at the same time, ensure their safety by having age-appropriate rules and boundaries in place as restrictions are gradually rolled back. To assist parents through this difficult time, some simple tips around alcohol, parties and gatherings will be provided to help ensure their child's safety now and post-COVID-19.

In preparation, you may like to download some fact sheets from the DARTA website to support your own knowledge around partying, drugs and alcohol that teenagers are faced with today. The DARTA website also has a range of resources available for families.

The free session will run for 60 minutes and there will be additional time for Q&A.

Skye Tyler
Director (Students)