Donating CGGS Uniforms to Papua New Guinea

Posted 2 December 2021 8:48am

As I prepare to graduate I become acutely aware of the fantastic opportunities I have been afforded by attending CGGS, and the many privileges others have not been as lucky to receive. I saw an opportunity arise at the end of 2018 when CGGS changed its school uniforms, and this year we have finally been able to send non-current but brand new school dresses to young people in Papua New Guinea. With generous assistance from the Harrington Family and our CGGS Defence Mentor, Mrs Belinda Gordon, we have successfully made the necessary arrangements to ship hundreds of uniforms to PNG despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 travel restrictions.


These dresses have been donated to two recipients in PNG, a local school and a charity called Links of Hope. The first shipment of uniforms left Australian shores in October 2021. Last month, Year 9 students Aditi, Trisha, Sharon, Anushka, Hannah, Yalini and Lilah packed bags of uniforms and organised a collection of second-hand bras so that a second shipment will be ready to depart in January 2022 in a DFAT container.


Links of Hope was founded in 2011 with the aim of helping support children impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in PNG. They alerted us to a huge need for bras and sports bras, which we have collected and added to the second shipment of dresses. It is truly inspiring to see the work done by the CGGS community to help so many girls and young women in need. A very big thank you to the CGGS community for their donations. Thank you to the Harrington family and DFAT for their work, Belinda Gordon for taking the first shipment of dresses, Joanna Loundes who will be taking the second shipment to PNG, the Year 9 students for their help packing the dresses and coordinating the drive for second-hand bras, and all the CGGS staff members who have made this project such a success.


It is my hope that this will be the start of a long-term relationship between the young women of Canberra and those of PNG through Links of Hope. I hope that year groups in the future will continue to donate so generously and I encourage everyone to connect with Links of Hope through their Instagram page (linksofhope_png).


Jenna Oerder

2021 Year 12 student

Jenna Oerder