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Posted 5 September 2019 10:00am

Bonjour, konnichiwa, hallo, salve, ni hao, hola! 

CGGS has just celebrated Languages Week and there has never been a better time to show everyone just how much our global citizens are thriving in Languages. So, voilà! We present to you the diversity of opportunities in Languages at CGGS! And if you can’t wait to start planning for your next adventure in languages, read on to find out about our tours, excursions and exchanges. 

Celebrating Languages Week

After a thrilling visit from many overseas universities and embassies at the recent International Universities evening, last week, CGGS celebrated Languages Week. At assembly, our principal Mrs Owen spoke about the importance of language learning in becoming a well-rounded individual, and shared a story highlighting the personal and professional doors that proficiency in a second language can open. From collaborations between the Languages Faculty and Origami Club, to a game of pétanque (French lawn bowls) under the blossoms, (proving to be excellent stress relief for Year 12 following the AST), to a French exchange information session, and the outstanding staff participation in our karaoke showdown, featuring both Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” in Latin and “Hakuna Matata” from Disney’s The Lion King in French, the week was jam packed with exciting opportunities culminating in our mini fête.

On Friday, the engaging cultural and experiential activities continued with our Year 6 students joining us for language classes and Languages Market Day celebration in the quad. It was a highly successful event raising a significant donation for Yalari, a not-for-profit organisation offering educational scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. During lunchtime, the Year 11 and 12 languages classes sold a range of food from around the world, including French croissants and macarons, Belgian waffles, Mexican nachos, Spanish churros, and Japanese matcha cupcakes and Pocky. Our Latin class also contributed a Latin-themed bake stall and our Chinese classes offered spring rolls, fried rice, dumplings and chicken wings. Finally, the Languages mini fête included traditional Chinese music performances from Nancy, Yiping and Serina, and K-pop dances by Talia and led by Hanee, which all drew captivated audiences. Overall, Languages Week was an incredibly successful celebration of diversity within the CGGS community, highlighting the importance of language learning in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual society. A huge thank you to our Languages Captain, Georgia, and to her Vice-Captain, Sophia.

Interested in tours, excursions and exchanges? Read on!

We have also had a number of exciting excursions, exchanges and overseas tours in the Languages Faculty.

Latin and History students loved their bella vacanza in Italy during the summer 2019 holidays including a tour of Rome and the colosseum, the Vatican Museum, Hadrian’s villa at Tivoli the Bay of Naples, and the amazing ruins of Herculaneum, Pompeii and Paestum. And Year 8 Latin students just returned from the annual Classics Camp in Sydney where some were sold as slaves, only to retrain at the Capua Gladiator School and win their freedom in the arena! Most valuably, the girls made new friends with students of Latin from across many other schools in Australia and overseas.

In July, students of French participated in a language tour of France and Switzerland. They visited Montpellier, Paris and Geneva. Highlights included a four-day intensive language course while staying with host families, visits to beautiful French medieval villages in the Occitanie region, the Louvre and Château de Versailles, and sitting in on a United Nations Human Rights Council debate on young women’s rights, with a wave from the Australian Ambassador! We have also recently farewelled our French exchange students and this year’s students are busily applying. Year 11 and Year 12 French students also recently experienced a delicious French cooking school at Tres Bon in Bungendore. 

Japanese, Chinese and Asian Studies students have also just returned from a thrilling 2 days in Sydney enjoying every moment of the interactive tours of locations of cultural significance, a lecture at UTS on digital disruption in the modern era, amazing food and lived cultural immersion connecting to their classroom curricula. Highlights of the tour included guided tours, garden visits, festival activities and the spring events in Sydney, including the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival and the Chinese Night Markets. 

We farewelled our lovely Japanese exchange students, and we wish our ambassadors, Anxin, Charlie and Aditi, the very best for their successful reciprocal exchange in December. These exchanges occur annually and just like the school tours, are open to students in Years 9, 10 and 11. Excitingly we can announce that after a very successful Japan Tour in 2018, the 2020 Japan Tour expressions of interest will soon open. Students will participate in a school stay, homestay and week long exploration of the sights and sounds of the modern and ancient fusion that Japan has to offer in its Olympic year.

We also recently farewelled our enthusiastic inbound German exchange students, and wish Gemma and Isabella a successful reciprocal exchange outbound, organised by the school, this December. In other exciting news, expressions of interest will soon be sought for the December 2020 German Tour! In December 2018, German and Modern History students travelled to Germany, visiting Berlin, Münster, Munich, Nuremberg and a day trip to Cologne. Throughout the tour the students visited multiple Christmas Markets castles including Neuschwantstein. The tour will be open to all students in Year 9 to Year 11 in 2020.  

Thank you to the Languages Faculty for compiling this article and providing photographs from throughout the year.


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