Dedicated cleaning team recognised by Deakin House

Posted 25 September 2020 9:43am

With the help of Deakin House, Tutor Group PD8 decided to create a gift hamper as a token of our appreciation for the cleaners’ extra effort and work to keep our school clean and COVID-free during this pandemic.

We wanted to find a way to say thank you and express our gratitude to the cleaners for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes which often gets taken for granted. We felt that this was an appropriate way of thanking them and we sincerely hope that the whole cleaning team feels appreciated.

We want them to know that we are thoroughly grateful for their work and that even though a majority of their tireless efforts is unseen, it does not go unrecognised by the students.

We are truly grateful from the bottom of our hearts that we can come to school and enjoy a clean, tidy and germ-free environment.

Written by members of Tutor Group PD8

Photo at top: Members of PD8 present some of the cleaners with a hamper to say thank you.