Posted 13 May 2016 11:58am

In the Junior School, Chapel services are held once a week as separate services for the ELC, P-2 and 3-6. At the end of every term there is P-6 service in the Senior School Chapel, weather permitting. Once a year, each house will have their own service in the Chapel of the Annunciation in the Senior school Chapel, again weather permitting. Parents are welcome at all these services and often attend if their child is doing a reading or prayer.

In the Senior School, House Chapel services are held once a fortnight. Year level (two year levels, actually) Communion services are once per term, and whole Senior School services occur on special occasions. The House Chapel services and Year Chapel services are held in the Chapel of the Annunciation. The Full Senior School Chapel services are held in the Hall during assembly time. This term they are the Pentecost serviceĀ  and the Foundersā€™ Day service (not to be confused with the Family and Friends Founders Day service on Sunday 22 May) on the different time of Monday, 23 May at 12.05pm.

More about how our Chapel services work next week.

The Reverend Paul Harris
School Chaplain