CGGS is recognised globally and nationally in the week of Founder’s Day

Posted 7 May 2021 2:39pm

We are extremely proud and honoured to announce that Canberra Girls Grammar has been recognised as Excellence Awardees for two Australian Education Awards. Our Junior School has been recognised with an Excellence Award for Primary School of the Year – Non-government and our Strategic Design has been recognised with an Excellence Award for Best Strategic Plan by The Educator Australia. We are now in the running for the overall 2021 Australian Educator Awards in those two categories, the results of which will be known in August.

Canberra Girls Grammar School is one of only two ACT schools named as finalists, and the only local school with multiple awards.

Our Junior School has been graciously recognised on a number of fronts, including by the International Baccalaureate (IB). The Junior School’s IB Primary Years Programme was given 45 commendations (with no recommendations needed) for its programme implementation in 2020. The School was congratulated for the number and nature of commendations achieved within the report, with one representative saying it was only the second time this had happened in the history of the IB Asia-Pacific region.

Their report showed evidence that the programme's implementation and management is of exceptional quality and has established the school as a leader within the IB world. The School also consistently outperforms all other ACT primaries in NAPLAN, and is an IBPYP exemplar school.

One aspect that has been seriously underreported is the contribution of our School to a common cause or a passion as articulated through our Strategic Design. We are living in what John Seely Brown and Ann Pendleton-Jullian (of Design unbound: Designing for emergence in a white water world) call a ‘white water world’, where change is constant and new forms of flexible learning and action increasingly necessary.

It is a world that demands a new education lens, one that serves the interests of society as a whole, that builds on and produces shared values, and that institutionalises trustworthy and legitimate offerings. Embedding values and encoding standards of behaviour and choices and rational decision making. This is what we mean when we describe our new directions through the lens of the School’s overarching document, the Strategic Design (2020-2025).

Providing an ethical education, that is, educating with a strong, ethical purpose, creates goal-congruence. Our Strategic Design has been the guiding light and key to managerial and organisational success as it seeps from the very pores of this place. What a time to be here!

There were core values that guided the co-creation on the Strategic Design:

First, a recognition that we are a faith-based school, we uphold our values and our position in the world as a proud Anglican school.

Second, a strongly held view regarding our commitment to the advancement of women, highlighted in our Senior School, but the foundations of which are seen in our Junior School.

Third, an uncompromising passion for entrepreneurial endeavours and the clear view that individual achievement and prosperity requires no apology when it is born of contribution to a broader purpose and pursuit and the advancement of humanity. The students who graduate from CGGS are immediately recognisable in the workforce and within networks locally, nationally and globally for the quality of their characters and strength of their resolve and confidence. Demonstrating a strong passion for helping others, high expectations, high standards and a commitment to the greater good.

As I said to the students at our Founder’s Day assembly earlier this week, “I implore you, with your incredible collective talents, to direct them to some degree toward giving back as the Grammarians have done so before you. Live a life that matters.

“Learn to learn, learn to lead well, and to go forth to unabashedly, but properly pursue your individual prosperity and concurrently positively affect the lives of all you come into contact with, and the communities you live within.”

We are proud of these national recognitions of Excellence Awards, but more so, I am privileged to work with such a committed community of students, teachers, staff and families.

Mrs Anna Owen