CGGS Cooking with Donna Hay

Posted 3 September 2021 9:07am

Last week, Defence School Mentor, Belinda Gordon, sent a link to Defence Families for a Kids in the Kitchen cooking afternoon with Australian celebrity chef Donna Hay.  Families received recipe cards and a zoom link to a home movie night themed menu created by the well- known author and cook.  The menu included pizza, chocolate peanut slice, coconut popsicles and popcorn bags!

From the photos received, it looks like it was a successful night with several budding young chefs in the CGGS community.  Parents commented that they also reaped the benefits of their children’s cooking: a delicious meal and a night off from cooking duties!

Thank you to the Talbot, Tomsik, Collins, Throop families, as well as the Spiller family (who still managed to cook up a storm in the midst a kitchen renovation!) for their candid and delicious photos of their girls in action.  

Belinda continues to support and provide opportunities to connect with Defence Families via  our Team App. 

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