Boarding Mums send messages of love

Posted 8 May 2019 3:14pm

Our Boarders are fortunate to have a stand-in mum in the form of Tina Twigg, but nothing is quite the same as having your own mother by your side, particularly on Mother’s Day.

This Sunday, some of our Boarders will have the opportunity to spend time with their mothers as they participate in the Mother’s Day Classic, or enjoy Devonshire Tea in the Boarding House.

Many of our Boarders, however, will be looking forward to virtual catch-ups over Facetime and other forms of technology. What a wonderful world we live in where families can see each other regardless of time and space.

We asked our ‘Boarding Mums’ to contribute photographs and thoughts for this edition of the eNews. Some have chosen quotes, others have captioned the photos with fond memories and a few gave their thoughts on what motherhood means to them.

Sandy Moss – mother of Emma (Year 10)

Mother's Day for me is remembering my mum and grandmothers and what wonderful women they were. Being away from my daughter (and only child), Emma, leaves big hole in my day! Having said that, I know that she is happy and thriving at the Boarding House and enjoying every thing that boarding has to offer. Our Mother's Day phone conversation reminds me how blessed I am to have this beautiful girl in my life and how lucky I am that she calls me Mumma!

Carolyn Harrison – mother of Evie (Year 9)

We have moved to the UK while Evie boards for a term at CGGS. Being this far apart is not an easy ask for any of us, but we are enjoying our video chats as a great way to stay close. Evie is being a complete star, particularly as she broke her wrist the day before returning to Australia! I am so proud of her and all her achievements and looking forward to hearing about all her adventures when she gets back home!

Libby Carr – mother of Tahnee (Year 10)

Some verses that resonate with me when I think about motherhood and Mother’s Day:

It’s not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters. Anonymous.

A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary. Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Nothing is really lost until your mum can’t find it! Unknown.

Susie Pennington – mother of Skye (Year 12)

When I look at my daughter I remember the very moment she was born, and still today when I see her, I am reminded of what a special blessing God has given me.

Heather Walker-Broose – mother of Charlotte (Year 7)

Mum’s Day to me is sharing time with my kids. I love this photo as it was Lottie finally getting to have a Starbucks adventure as we don't have them in Cooma!

Kym Witney-Soanes – mother of Eliza (Year 12) and Harriet (Year 10)

I always make an effort to come to Canberra from Wagga on the Mother's Day weekend to spend precious time with my two daughters. They are growing up so fast. I love watching them play netball on the Saturday. On Sunday we often do the walk, have lunch and spend quality time together (off devices). They are my world :)

Sally Aplin - mother of Aisha (Year 10)

When Aisha was born, I gave a piece of my heart to her.  I remember my husband and I being absolutely elated - we couldn't believe how absolutely amazing and perfect she was. I was always scared that I wouldn't be able to let go and let her grow up, because I was worried something would happen to her.  But in actual fact, she is an amazing teenager and it is an absolute privilege to see her turning into a fantastic young adult. Having a child at boarding school is like putting parenting on a time-lapse photography setting, instead of a video.  Every time I see Aisha, she's changed - but always for the better.  I'm so proud of her, and all the skills she has learnt at boarding school.

Lisa Hyde - mother of Vivienne (Year 9)

How fabulous it is to watch you grow!  That is what I think about on Mother's Day.

Rachael Byles - mother of Abbey-Mae (Year 10)

Watching this beautiful girl grow into a young woman has been an absolute pleasure. Mother's Day means celebrating every moment of our lives together.

Tina Twigg – Head of Boarding and ‘mother’ to our Boarders

I have been blessed to be a mother to Jessica and Andrew and now a grandmother to Angus.  I have also been blessed to be involved in the lives of so many girls over the years in the Boarding House. In many ways, the girls have been my surrogate daughters and it has been a privilege to have shared their Senior School journey with them.

Photo above: Sandy Moss and her daughter, Emma Nason (Year 10).

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