Blown away: Bands Concert

Posted 21 May 2021 12:02pm

Last Friday evening, performers, directors, and 250 guests made their way to the CGGS Senior School Hall for the 2021 Bands Concert. The performance, focused entirely on band ensembles, was a production created to showcase all of the hard work and preparation of the talented members of the Music Academy. “There’s a lot of stuff that goes on [behind the scenes] to bring it all together in the end,” Dean of Music, Mr Joel Copeland, said.

Tech Crew was on duty for the entire event, keeping the spotlights on and the show running. Friends of Music worked the stalls outside. “This is my very first volunteering role… I want to hear some really great music, some saxophone,” Ms Eliza Hazlett, a brand-new Friend of Music, said.

A crowd favorite of the night was the Bandicoots, the only Junior School band to perform on the night. The young performers kicked off their set with a gentle, swelling piece and transitioned quickly into a lively engaging act that got the audience moving in their seats with its uplifting melody.

“I just like playing, and the sound,” Year 6 student, Lexi Ruta, said.

“It’s interesting to learn how to play instruments, but also just that feeling of being in a band, in a concert and there are so many people looking at makes you feel so important,” Ruth Leach Dowe, a Year 6 musician, said.

“The performance was very good, very impressive. It’s obvious that they’re very talented,” said an audience member.

One of the evening’s highlights was the incredible performances by the Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Ms Sophie Edwards. The ensemble is made up of some of the Music Academy’s most senior musicians, including vocalist and trumpeter Emma McMaster. Her lovely vocals led the way through Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman, with Sophie Hallett (Year 11) and Elsa Guile (Year 9) playing through improvised solos. Skylark by Hoagy Carmichael soared with Emma’s soprano and Georgia Lister (Year 12) on bass guitar, accompanied by more solos from Sophie and Elsa.

Overall, the production was a hit with all who attended, and a great way to spend a Friday night.

Ally Voyles (Year 11)
Newspaper Captain

Photo at top: Music Academy musicians performing at the 2021 Bands Concert.

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