Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships (AIDPSC)

Posted 8 October 2021 8:51am

Activity in Debating and Public Speaking continued through the second half of Term 3, with a focus on the Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships and Speakfest competitions. CGGS hosted these national events this year, and the shift to a virtual platform involved a collective effort with several members of professional staff to facilitate the event.

Each participating school entered four students in each of the two competitions, AIDPSC drawing on Year 10-11 students and Speakfest Year 9-10. Each student competed in four categories on each of the first two days; Debating (students were assigned debating partners from other schools 45 minutes prior to the debate), Public Speaking (either Persuasive or After Dinner), Impromptu Speaking, and Interpretative Reading. The online format required readings and public speaking speeches to be pre-recorded and uploaded a week prior to the live competition.

The first two days determined the overall rankings for the competitions. The top two to three students in each category (except Debating which took the top four) were selected to compete in the finals. The results of these finals determined the champion for each category, with the overall champion determined by the student who scored consistently high marks across all four categories over the first two days.

CGGS girls performed outstandingly, winning three of the possible five categories in AIDPSC.


Debating Champion: Bella Mun (Y11)

Debating third place: Lauren Goldie (Y11)

Interpretive Reading Champion: Bella Mun (Y11)

After Dinner Champion: Tiffany Henson (Y11)


A huge congratulations to Bella Mun (Y11), who was announced the Overall Champion of AIDPSC.


In Speakfest, which had no finals, Emily Ezaki-Swain (Y9) ranked fourth over all in the competition.


A significant number of volunteers from the CGGS community, students, parents, teachers and friends, participated as judges and room managers. We would like to thank these volunteers for their time and dedication. Your support was invaluable and greatly appreciated. We were also assisted by Masters Academy, who supplied judges.

Thank you to all.


Patrick Marman

TIC Debating and Public Speaking