Ad Astra program delivers real-life experience

Posted 20 November 2020 8:30am

Through pursuing work experience placements recently, several Year 10 students were able to demonstrate many of the skills they have learned through the Ad Astra program.  Setting them up for success in the professional world, these students have now experienced first-hand,  the importance of being flexible, innovative, critical and creative thinkers.

For example, Grace Ding’s work experience with the ACT Treasury gave her the opportunity to learn more about the work that economists do and develop some of the skills and knowledge used in the field by assisting with certain tasks.

“I found the work experience to be extremely valuable as it showed me that economics is definitely the career that I want to have,” Grace said. In addition, her interest in economics supported her Year 9 Ad Astra project, which was a potential social enterprise to address financial illiteracy. In Year 10, Grace included a financial literacy booklet to explain these concepts as a part of her ‘Aspire Project’.

Meanwhile, Zoe Sherrard’s interest in the toxic chemicals in big brand hair care products informed her Ad Astra project to raise awareness through an Instagram page.  She was able to develop this interest in a real-world context at Sassy Hair where she worked directly with the products used in salons.

“If I do end up wanting to start a career in this industry my work experience and Ad Astra project will help me get started,” Zoe said.

Jessica Dietrich (Careers Advisor) and Stephanie Spiller (Ad Astra Coordinator)

Photo at top: Grace Ding’s Ad Astra project from Year 9, which helped build the skills and knowledge required to work as an economist.