Posted 26 August 2016 11:10am

Would you support a campaign to improve the lives of refugees in a refugee camp?

On Monday, 22 August, Year 11 and 12 Global Studies students work-shopped with the Sydney based non-profit organisation Act for Peace, to create a range of campaign options which they then had to pitch to the marketing team from the organisation.

The wonderful ideas generated included “Football for Freedom”, focusing on girls’ soccer teams fundraising and sponsoring a group to go to refugee camps to teach girls soccer.

To enhance local students understanding of the refugee issue as well as to fundraise, one group proposed the setting up of a “camp” for participants to simulate the experiences of refugees - from having to give up their possessions, walk long distances (15km before dinner), eat a meagre ration pack, sleep in a makeshift shelter and organize activities such as meals, schooling and entertainment when they get to a place of safety.

Our excellent facilitator was Karen McGrath, Marketing Co-ordinator - Ration Challenge, whose knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism made this day truly empowering. 

Lynne McInnes
Global Studies Teacher - Geography and Social Science Faculty

Photo: Year 11 and 12 Global Studies students present their campaign ideas to staff of Act for Peace, Sydney