A sense of sisterhood as boarders

Posted 13 March 2020 9:00am

Living with 70 girls, at times, can be challenging. But with ongoing support, the little things become microscopic.

The sisterhood within our ‘BoHo’ is the best possible representation of a big family – one that wants nothing but the best for everyone within it. No matter how old you are, where you come from or what you believe in, as boarders we know that when we get back to the boarding house, we will be surrounded by people we trust.

Year 11 student, Shay-Leah Wanganeen, said, “I just love the fact that when I come in the afternoon, I have my best friends with me and they really have become my second family. The BoHo has become my home away from home.”

Our boarding house is a safe haven where girls can relax, as if it really was home. As a Boarding Co-Captain, I have worked alongside others to help create an environment where all boarders can interact with people of all different year groups. On Monday nights, we have ‘family dinners’ where girls from different year groups share a meal together and talk about what has been happening in their lives.

To me, this is the greatest representation of what it means to be a boarder – to be able to come together as a family. These gatherings signify our sisterhood and will be forever remembered by those of us in the BoHo. It’s times like these that will shape us into the young women we will become in the future.

Sarah Walker (Year 12)
Boarding Co-Captain

Photo at top: Boarding Co-Captains Sarah Walker and May Stuckey outside the Boarding House.

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