2020 Fabulous Fete Week

Posted 11 September 2020 9:00am

Fabulous Fete WEEK – YES you read it correctly – Fabulous Fete WEEK!

Beginning on Monday, 19 October, the fabulous P&F will be running a whole WEEK’s worth of fabulous fete activities for our fabulous students!

Fabulous Fete Week will be exclusive for our students during school hours. It will be run across both the Junior and Senior school campuses, with plenty of fabulous FREE activities. Over the course of the week, activities will be scheduled on different days and at different times to ensure social distancing requirements are met.

Yes, it will be fun! 

Yes, it will be fabulous!

Yes, it will be FREE!

Yes, it will be COVID safe!

Yes, every activity that comes onto school grounds will be required to have a COVID safety plan!

More details will be revealed over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

CGGS P&F Committee 2020