InspirED is Canberra Girls Grammar School’s diverse, research-driven and targeted suite of learning extension and support programs, specifically designed to recognise and nurture every student’s potential.

At Canberra Girls Grammar School we are recognised for our outstanding curriculum support and learning enhancement for high potential learners, including gifted students. We hold a strong commitment to unleashing brilliance, providing challenging learning experiences through rigorous, differentiated teaching and learning programs, which actively nurture ongoing and intentional growth opportunities for our students.

Each student is unique and needs to learn at a different level and pace; learning is never a one size fits all approach. At Canberra Girls Grammar School we promote full participation, engagement and positive learning outcomes for all students within an inclusive educational environment.

Our inspirED enrichment and support programs complement and enhance the broad educational offerings at Canberra Girls Grammar School. Our highly skilled teachers differentiate lesson content, processes, tasks and opportunities for all learners, so we can challenge, extend and inspire exceptional and personalised learning. We use a range of internationally recognised standardised assessments, anecdotal evidence and parental knowledge to identify learners who may benefit from our inspireHER curriculum.

For more information about the inspirED program, please direct all enquiries to the Junior School at 02 6202 6411 or email