The Grammarians' Association

Some of our Grammarians with CGGS Senior Council, March 2021

Promoting the Future and Preserving the Past

Founded in 1931, the Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) Grammarians’ Association was formed originally as the Old Girls’ Union. Under the presidency of Diana Prance (Eddison, 1931) and with the support of six past students, the foundations of the Grammarians Association were established. Since that time, the Grammarians Association has continued to foster the School community, connecting current and former students.

The Association has grown beyond Canberra to develop a global presence with over 12,900 members in more than 46 countries. The Grammarians Association is a diverse and dynamic community connecting past students, providing a network for communication and supporting continuous involvement with the School. The Grammarians’ Association contributes to the ongoing life of CGGS through special events, contribution of annual prizes for academic achievement and school spirit, donations, and assistance with special projects that benefit the whole School community.

Becoming a Grammarian

Upon graduation, all students who have attended CGGS for a period of 12 months or more automatically become Life Members of the Grammarians’ Association. As a member you are entitled to:

  • Lifetime subscription to The Grammar Report magazine. The Grammar Report is typically published twice a year and contains information about school life and news of Grammarians
  • Exclusive invitations to Alumni and School events such as networking evenings, guest speaker opportunities, panel discussions and regular school events such as Grandparents, Godparents and Grandfriends Day (fondly referred to as GGG Day)
  • Founders' Day celebrations which include our annual class reunions
  • Opportunities to have an active role on the Canberra Girls Grammar School Grammarians’ Committee

Grammarians Online

As a diverse and evolving community, the need to connect with one another online is essential. With a worldwide network of Grammarians, we recognise the necessity of engaging with our Alumni where you are, on the social media platforms you already use. We encourage you to stay in touch with us and keep your details up to date so we can offer you the most relevant information, events and networking opportunities.

We are expanding our Alumni events program in 2021-  to be sure you don’t miss out, contact us to update your details at

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