The Gabriel Foundation


‘It is our duty to infuse joy into the lives of the young.'

- Mother Emily Ayckbowm

Since 1980, the School has been very fortunate to have the Gabriel Foundation as champions of the School, and its future.  

Generosity is at the heart of our School and goes hand-in-hand with our philosophy of giving students every opportunity to access a modern, enterprising educational environment. 

The Foundation works in partnership with the School helping to ensure that Canberra Girls Grammar School remains an exemplary model of excellence in the Anglican faith.

Giving to CGGS

As advocates for the empowerment of children and young women since 1926, Canberra Girls Grammar embodies modern thinking at a time when gender equity, inclusion, and diversity are essential to a healthy, prosperous society.

Our values and principles guide the way we work, building a cultural fabric that is stronger than any single individual and true to our founding purpose.

Why your gift matters

Your gift allows Canberra Girls Grammar School to fulfil its vision to be a school where the young believe anything is possible.  It can open up opportunities for our young women to discover answers that are currently beyond our imagination, and develop new skills that will serve them in a future, yet to be created.

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