Gabriel Foundation Bursary Program

A bursary is an offer of enrolment awarded to young women who would derive great benefit from a CGGS education but who, without financial assistance, would be otherwise unable to access.

Bursaries are offered to students who excel academically and or are talented with a significant contribution to make in any of the sporting, academic, musical, artistic or cultural programs of the school.

Applications for our 2021 Gabriel Foundation Bursary Program are now closed. 

Bursary benefits

  • guaranteed place at the school for new enrolling students
  • up to 50% remission of tuition fees for a student to study at CGGS from the year of entry to Year 12 (subject to the student continuing to fulfil the requirements of the bursary criteria)
  • scholarship recipients are not required to pay the Standard Family Contribution

NOTE: Bursaries do not cover textbooks, uniforms, excursions, technology fees, individual subject fees or boarding fees.

A needs equity consideration applies and financial documentation will be required for an assessment.

Families wishing to be considered for a needs-based bursary for their daughter must be prepared to complete the Bursary Financial Disclosure Form.


  1. will require disclosure, in strict confidence, of the family's financial situation
  2. will be subject to annual review of the student's all-round performance
  3. are dependent on the student's ability to maintain the expectation of the bursary program they are awarded, demonstrate involvement in school life and ongoing good character

Please note: The decision to award a bursary or scholarship and the level of assistance granted is entirely at the discretion of the Principal. No correspondence will be entered into with regard to such decisions.

Continued eligibility for bursaries and scholarships is subject to an annual review process in accordance with the criteria for each bursary.

We offer the following bursaries:

Gabriel Foundation Scholars' Bursary

This Bursary is awarded to young women considered to have exceptional academic potential, who will benefit substantially by attending our school, and who will in turn make a significant contribution to the academic life of the school.

Students will join a three-year program allowing them to complete their senior secondary studies at CGGS.

Gabriel Foundation Boarding Bursary

Boarding students at Canberra Girls Grammar are provided a safe and supportive community environment that promotes academic rigour, supports talented sportswomen and develops personal growth away from home. Boarding bursaries are available to young women entering:

While preference is given to young women commencing boarding in Year 7, applicants wishing to enter the secondary school at other year levels will also be considered.