2022 Gabriel Foundation Scholars' Program - Gabriel Scholar's Bursary (Year 10 in 2022)

St Gabriel Academic Bursary

In 2022 the School is offering 10 Bursaries to students entering Year 10 in 2022. The Gabriel Scholars’ Bursary is open to new Year 10 students, providing them with the ability to receive the best education for the remainder of their school years. This Bursary is for those high-performing girls who may not have thought an education at CGGS was attainable due to financial reasons.

Once a recipient is deemed suitable to receive a bursary, the per cent remission is determined through means-testing and will not exceed 50 per cent.

Once granted, a Gabriel Scholars’ Bursary is effective for the remainder of the recipient's enrolment (three years), providing they meet the requirement of Gabriel Foundation Scholars’ Program. The recipients receive the same rate of remission for the remainder of their enrolment.

The Standard Family Contribution (SFC) is waived for all Scholarship and Bursary recipients.

Students will join a three-year program allowing them to complete their senior secondary studies at CGGS.

All Scholarship and Bursary Applicants must lodge an Enrolment Application.

Payment of the Enrolment Deposit is required only after the outcome of the Scholarships and Bursaries is advised.

Candidates applying for the Gabriel Foundation Scholars' Bursary must demonstrate:

  • proven academic excellence
  • an exemplary work ethic
  • ability to make a positive and significant contribution to the life of the school
  • a ready willingness to participate in a range of educational and school-related activities
  • a potential to lead, mentor and support peers and the wider CGGS community
  • active participation and achievement in co-curricular programs such as sport, visual arts, drama or music
The bursary entitles the holder to:
  • guaranteed place at the school for new enrolling students
  • partial remission of tuition fees for a student to study at CGGS from the year of entry to Year 12 (subject to the student continuing to fulfil the requirements of the bursary criteria)
  • Scholarship recipients are not required to pay the Standard Family Contribution

NOTE: Bursaries do not cover textbooks, uniforms, excursions, technology fees, individual subject fees or boarding fees.

Candidates who are awarded the Gabriel Foundation Scholars' Bursary are expected to:
  • maintain a minimum of a B grade average across all subject areas with evidence of exemplary standards of effort, progress, involvement and behaviour
  • show evidence leadership, mentoring and support of peers and the wider CGGS community
  • maintain a commitment to one other co-curricular activity, a role in service and leadership or a cultural pursuit
  • maintain a positive outlook and collaborative manner with peers and teachers
  • be subject to an annual review of the student's all-round performance

Bursary application requirements

Applicants will be required to:

  • lodge an Enrolment Application
  • complete a bursary application
  • provide evidence of age, identity and Australian citizenship or permanent residency status (original documents must be cited including birth certificate, passport, visas, etc.)
  • require disclosure, in strict confidence, of the family's financial situation (requested later in the assessment process).
  • complete a résumé and provide information about their academic goals
  • provide copies of academic and school reports for the last two years from current school which demonstrate:
  • a minimum of a B grade average across all subject areas
  • evidence of exemplary standards of effort, progress, involvement and behaviour
  • provide a copy of their most recent NAPLAN report or equivalent
  • provide evidence of participation and commitment to one co-curricular, role in service and leadership or cultural pursuit
  • provide a letter of reference – pertaining to academic abilities
  • attend the scholarship examination
  • attend an interview with the Principal

Please note: The decision to award a bursary and the level of assistance granted is entirely at the discretion of the Principal. Bursaries and scholarships will be reviewed annually according to the Scholarship requirements.

The School does not provide a report on the applicant’s performance in the scholarship examinations, auditions or interviews.

Key dates

The 2023 Gabriel Foundation Scholars Program will open on Monday, 3 May 2021. To register your expression of interest and receive information about upcoming scholarships and bursaries, please complete this form.

Scholarship application fee

$55 (including GST)

Contact the Admissions team.

T: 02 6202 6420
E: admissions@cggs.act.edu.au