Vivien Gough Memorial Music Scholarship

Year of Entry - Year 5 and Year 7 only

Eligibility Categories - Music Composition, General Music, Instrumental

Eligibility Criteria

  • High performance in music
  • Music performance and interpretive skills, stylistic awareness and expression; and excellence on their chosen instrument
  • Extensive classroom music experience and participation in music ensembles
  • Ability to contribute to the Music Academy at CGGS
  • Demonstrated commitment to one other co-curricular activity in addition to music
  • Showcase presentation through choice of repertoire, stage presence, communication with their audience, and accompanist (if appropriate)
  • Evidence of an exemplary work ethic and consistent application to academic pursuits
  • Potential to lead, mentor and support peers and the wider CGGS community
  • Ability to make a positive and significant contribution to the life of the School
  • Evidence of having undertaken leadership roles in their School or broader community
  • Collaborative attitude towards peers and teachers
  • Willingness and ability to act as an ambassador for CGGS.


  • Guaranteed place at the School for new enrolling scholars
  • Remission of tuition fees up to 25% for six years from Year 7 to Year 12, or eight years from Year 5 to Year 12, for the remainder of the scholar’s enrolment
  • Access to a range of initiatives and programs offered by the ANU School of Music
  • Free and preferential access to Masterclass and PL Series events
  • Instrumental tuition on one instrument. Lessons must take place on CGGS campus with a Music Academy Instrumental Tutor. Lessons may be considered with an external tutor on negotiation with the Dean of Music
  • Mentoring with the Dean of Music (or other senior Music staff on negotiation)
  • Personalised programs, guidance and performance opportunities
  • Waiver of the Standard Family Contribution.