Scholarship and Bursary Program

Our Scholarship and Bursary Program is designed to recognise high achievers as well as provide opportunities to girls and young women who may not otherwise have the chance to attend the School.

The Program specifically acknowledges and rewards students who have demonstrated academic excellence in combination with high achievement in sport, music, cultural pursuits, or across multiple disciplines.

This Program also provides opportunities for Indigenous day students, and for boarding students from remote and regional communities.

Recipients of CGGS Scholarships and Bursaries are equally recognised for their leadership skills, service to their school or the broader community, and thus naturally become ambassadors for our School.

Underpinning the Program is an intention to nurture girls and young women who embrace and embody the School’s three core values of inclusion, courage and integrity.

CGGS offers a number of scholarships and bursaries each year to girls entering Years 5 to 11. For further details about each scholarship offered, please follow the relevant links below.


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All scholarship or bursary applicants must:

  • Meet a minimum standard of academic competence and show evidence of excellence in academic achievement, regardless of the award requirements or entitlements
  • Provide evidence of age, identity, and Australian citizenship or permanent residency status
  • Complete a one-page summary articulating academic, career and/or service and leadership goals
  • Provide a personal letter of reference from someone other than a family member
  • Provide copies of academic and school reports for the last two years from their current school
  • Provide a copy of their most recent NAPLAN report or equivalent
  • Agree to external financial review under strict confidence (bursaries only).

Regardless of the award, all recipients of CGGS Scholarships and Bursaries share the following characteristics:

  • An exemplary work ethic and consistent application to academic pursuits
  • An ability to make a positive and significant contribution to the life of the School
  • A ready willingness to participate in a range of educational and school-related activities
  • Evidence of having undertaken leadership roles in their school or broader community
  • Willingness and ability to act as an ambassador for CGGS.

Please note that CGGS Scholarships and Bursaries are only open to permanent residents of Australia or those who hold Australian citizenship.

For all terms and conditions pertaining to the CGGS Scholarship and Bursary Program, please review our policy here.

Interviews – September 2021 (dates to be confirmed)

First round of offers – October 2021


How to apply


STEP 1: To apply for a CGGS Scholarship or Bursary you must have already made a formal online application to enrol at CGGS, including payment of the non-refundable $165 application fee.

STEP 2: Complete the Scholarship or Bursary application and pay the non-refundable $55 scholarship application fee (payable once for the 2023 program).

STEP 3: If applying for a CGGS Bursary, complete the Bursary Financial Disclosure Application form.*

* Please note that all CGGS Bursaries are means-tested. Families of bursary applicants must therefore agree to external financial review, conducted under strict confidence. All CGGS Scholarships are merit-based and means-testing is therefore not required.


If you have any questions:

Call or email our Admissions team
T: 02 6202 6420
E: or