Why is Governance important?

The School is a company limited by guarantee and was incorporated in 1980. It is run by the School Board which comprises twelve members, five of whom are appointed by Bishop-in-Council, for the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn. five members represent the School Company.   The Principal, as the CEO, attends every Board meeting by standing invitation. The heads of the Senior School and the Junior School attend by invitation as relevant. The Chief Operating Officer is the Secretary of the Board. All Board members are unpaid volunteers.

There are four committees of the Board - the Development, Master Plan and Building Committee, the Executive Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee, and the Risk Management Committee.  In accordance with good governance principles, an independent chair leads the Risk Management Committee.

From the short profiles provided on this website, you will see that Board members bring considerable and varied expertise and skills to the Board. We include a mix of current and past parents and independent members, with private sector and public sector backgrounds. We are on the Board because we believe in the School, its values and its vision.

Importantly, the Board is responsible for the strategic direction of the School, while the Principal and her team are responsible for the day-to-day management of the School. The Board appoints the Principal; ensures the viability and development of the School as an educational institution; approves the strategic plan and the master plan; approves the annual budget and financial statements, including fees and loans; monitors the building program; monitors and mitigates risk; and ensures the School complies with its Workplace Health and Safety, legal and regulatory responsibilities.

The Board’s current focus is on implementing the Master Plan.  This includes planning for a new multi-purpose building on two blocks of land at Yarralumla Bay next to our current Aquatic Centre.

Previously, the Board conducted a review of governance. We focussed on risk and developed and implemented new five-year strategic and master plans.  A new constitution was produced and adopted to reflect best practice.  We conduct annual performance reviews of the Board and the four committees, the Principal and the Board Chair.

The Board works hard. With the Principal and staff, we aspire to make CGGS not just the excellent school it already is, but one of the top schools in Australia.

Sue Hart
Chair, CGGS Board