Strategic Framework 2016-20

Strategic Framework 2016-20 coverAt Canberra Girls Grammar School we are fortunate to have an experienced and far-sighted School Board. The Senior Team at the School, led by the Principal, works closely with the Board to plan our strategy for the future.

This booklet outlines our strategic intents for the next five years. As with any strategy, the context in which we operate may change around us and our strategy may have to adjust and adapt. However, we believe these broad intents are student-focused and underpinned by our desire to provide the very best environment for teaching and learning in our School.

These strategic intents are supported by detailed operational planning by our School staff. We are grateful for their dedication and commitment to our students’ education. We hope you find this plan informative and we look forward to working with our community to achieve our goals.

Link here to read the online version of the Strategic Framework 2016-20