Wearing our uniform correctly and with pride

Posted 25 October 2019 10:26am

Few uniforms in Canberra are as recognisable at that of Canberra Girls Grammar School. From our summer straw hats, green blazers and ‘Grammar’ tartan, members of the Canberra community know a ‘Grammar Girl’ when they see one.

Every CGGS student is an ambassador for our School and there is an expectation that uniforms will be worn in a responsible and respectful manner, to the highest standard of presentation.

Of particular concern is the length of girls’ skirts and dresses. As per the uniform guidelines (refer to the Student Diary), these garments should be worn at knee length.

The School blazer should be worn to Assembly, Chapel services and official school functions, including excursions. The school jumper should not be the outermost garment when a student leaves the school, in cooler weather, a blazer or the school coat should be worn over or in place of the jumper.

Please familiarise yourselves with the uniform guidelines and support the School in its efforts to ensure the uniform is worn with pride and respect.

As our Principal Anna Owen said: "Our uniform exemplifies students’ pride in being part of the CGGS community and it is our belief that the uniform helps create a sense of belonging and contributes to our strong school spirit."