Posted 21 October 2016 2:54pm

Our three Pre-Prep classes embarked on their first excursion on Tuesday, 18 October, visiting the School Archives at the Senior School. Their current Unit of Interest is Change so what better place to look at how things have changed than a trip to the Archives!

Each class started with a short talk with items from our Archives that highlighted how much the school’s buildings have changed, how different the school uniform used to look and even learn a bit about obsolete classroom equipment used in the 70s.  

Then it was time for dress-ups! Everyone had a chance to try on old uniforms, hats and blazers and lots of photos were taken.

The final activity for the groups was a modified Heritage Walk with a Grammarian around a few of the buildings. A great way to end such an eventful day and listen to stories from ex-students who experienced the changes first hand.  

Thank you to the ELC Teachers and staff and parent helpers for all the work you put in organising the day, Paul and Sean for driving the buses and Grammarians Liz Mulcahy (McPherson, 1981), Sally Wagnon (Maidens, 1991) and Margaret Cornwell (Archer, 1951) for leading the Heritage Walks.

Amalta Sahay
School Archivist

Photos: Zara Athaide, Lucas Horne, Mack Watson trying on old school uniforms in the Boarding House

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