Welcome from the Principal

Anna smiling, looking at the camera

Beginning 2019 as the 15th Principal of this historic school, this year is a significant one for me. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you at various events, while enjoying the warm welcome of the Canberra Girls Grammar community alongside the new families who have also joined us this year.

The School was established in 1926 when a small group of women refused to allow a valuable and important opportunity to pass them by. These women were Sisters of the Church, an organisation founded by Mother Emily Ayckbowm. Mother Emily’s fearless leadership, zeal, pioneering spirit and good humour remains as an enduring role model for our community.

It is my belief that educating girls and young women at this unique time in history is a privilege. Our purpose is to educate girls. Our intent is to develop young women that are able to articulate what it is to be well-educated, who understand the great responsibility of receiving a great education and who insist on living ethically and purposely.

Our staff have high expectations for our students and insist on high standards of behaviour. Classes are characterised by robust and rigorous debates, which are contextualised by the values based environment they take place in. Students learn to think, and to think for themselves.

A good friend of mine put the role of schools such as ours best, her name is Loren Bridge and she said, “Simply put, every aspect of a girls’ school is tailored to girls and how they learn, without competition and social pressure from boys, and this is enormously empowering for girls.”

In closing, it is an honour to commence my time at Canberra Girls Grammar School and I look forward to meeting both you and your children as the year progresses.

Anna Owen

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