Posted 4 November 2016 2:28pm

Over the past two weeks, Year 12 photography student, Christine Drew, has found herself the centre of attention at Canberra Girls Grammar School after winning the Moran Photography Prize (Secondary Years 11-12 category) and being named the overall winner (highest scoring image) of the Australian Photography Awards.

Christine’s winning black and white photo, entitled Smoko Break, features her dad taking a break from shearing at home on the family farm near Cootamundra.

Her interest in photography started around the age of twelve when she entered a competition to win a skateboard.

“It was just on Mum’s iPhone,” says Christine.

“And then a few years later I was lucky enough to take a photo at the Busselton IRONMAN and they put it on the sails of the Opera House as part of [a promotion]. It wasn’t too bad for an iPhone shot!”

“Half the reason I came to this school is because it had subjects like photography. And photography breaks up all my theory subjects, it’s kind of an outlet and I don’t find it so hard to go out and do it.”

Christine points out the facilities at Canberra Girls Grammar School have helped her “incredibly” in honing her skills.

“Especially with film photography and that type of thing…because I was just self-taught and I have built on that. The assignments make you broaden your subject range and how you take photos, so that’s really helped me build my skills and how I see different things.”

Given her obvious natural ability behind the lens, I asked Christine whether she sees herself with a future career in photography.

“Funnily enough, no. I'm going into the Army next year…and then hopefully I’ll do physiotherapy. But I’ll always do photography and it might turn into something bigger, you never know.”

Part of Christine’s winnings from the Moran Prize will go directly to the Creative Arts Faculty at CGGS. When asked what she's going to spend her personal prize money on, she has her mind made up.

“I just want a ute of some description, like a Hilux, that’d be nice!”

Sally Wagnon
Marketing and Communications Manager

Photo: Christine’s award-winning photograph, ‘Smoko Break’.
Copyright ownership remain with the student.