The co-curricular sports program at Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) is an integral part of the educational experience. Participation in a co-curricular activity is not compulsory; however, students are strongly encouraged to undertake a sporting activity during the year.

Participation in co-curricular sport:

  • Develops physical skills
  • Enhances mental and physical well-being
  • Develops important skills in teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership, and
  • Builds self-confidence and a sense of pride in their School and commitment to a team.

The following sports are offered during the school year:

Summer – Terms 1 & 4 Winter – Terms 2 & 3 Representative Sports Intramural Sports

Dragon Boating
Indoor Hockey
Summer Netball
(Term 4 only)

Football (Soccer)
Touch Football

Cross Country
Snow Sports
Touch Football

Belly Dance
Running Club
Mountain Biking

The Co-curricular Program Intramural sports offer students the opportunity to participate in activities which are generally run on a short course basis with no competition, training or weekend commitment. Some of these activities are led by outside providers.

Co-curricular sport training sessions are generally held outside school hours, once a week on weekdays. Most sports hold their training session at school. Sports that have their training sessions, at an off-site venue (e.g.: Rowing, Dragon Boats, Sailing and Hockey), have a school bus provided to take the students to training. Parents then collect their daughter from the venue at the completion of training. Competitions may be on weekends, or evenings during the week.

CGGS co-curricular teams participate in local ACT competitions and in some instances compete in Regional and National events. The School, as a member of the ACT Primary and Secondary Schools Sport Associations (PSSA & SSSA) and the Associated Southern Colleges (ASC), participates in various representative carnivals throughout the year including – Cross Country, Athletics, Swimming, Hockey, Netball and Basketball.

The School is also a member of IGSSA, the Independent Girls Schools Sport Association.