Meet Our Boarders

Helen Johnson - Boarding House Captain 2015


After receiving a Gabriel Boarding Scholarship three years ago, Helen Johnson followed in the footsteps of her sisters Mary (2008) and Beth (2013) and began boarding at Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS).

Although the move from her small school in Boorowa to CGGS was “such a shock”, Helen says boarding was “the easy part” and is her favourite part of her schooling. “The Boarding House makes everyone feel comfortable and provides us with a great home to live in. You can use the School pool and you don’t have to travel home at the end of the day. It’s a small Boarding House so you can make friends with boarders from all year levels, it’s like having many sisters that are all ages! We all come from completely different backgrounds but the majority of our parents are farmers.”

For Helen, who enjoys all sports, another advantage of boarding at CGGS is that Canberra has everything on its doorstep.

“All the facilities are so close. At home if I wanted to go to dance classes or Little Athletics I would have to travel to Harden or Young and carnivals at weekends would be hours away,” she says. “In Canberra, netball is just a two-minute drive away, so is touch football and the boys’ school is just down the road so I am able to catch up with my brother. The shops are an easy bus trip away.”

Helen was the 2015 Boarding House Captain.

“The first year I came to CGGS I looked up to the Boarding House Captain. She was always excited to see you, even if she had been up since five o’clock because she had been out rowing. I try to be the person that everyone looks up to and feels comfortable talking to,” she says. “I try to lead by example, encourage the younger boarders to get involved in all the many opportunities offered at CGGS and I am working on developing my leadership skills.”

PHOTO: Helen Johnson with Grammarians' Association president Sanchia Glaskin (Starke, 1965) at the 2015 Scholars' Lunch.