Video Library

Life at Canberra Girls Grammar School is filled with magic moments and countless opportunities. Our Video Library showcases the academic, co-curricular and pastoral care aspects across the whole School, from the Early Learning Centre to Year 12.

Be brilliant - celebrating our academic success

Receiving an ATAR is often the final step in the culmination of 13 years of formal education – the importance of that moment when a student opens their envelope can’t be ignored. Late last year we were honoured when a few of our top achievers allowed us to film them as they discovered their own ‘magic number’.

Be extraordinary - Year 6 Exhibition 2017

Last week, under the theme of ‘Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things,’ the Year 6 students took our breath away with their Exhibition. This annual event is the culmination of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). Enjoy this video which captures the essence of Year 6 Exhibition.

Together in Music - The Music Academy

From 2018, in addition to the existing co-curricular music ensemble and class opportunities for CGGS students from Prep-Year 12 we will also open our doors to non-CGGS students and adult community members, providing all with access to a broad and innovative range of music making opportunities.

Be a Boarder - Life in the BoHo

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a boarder at Canberra Girls Grammar School? This video gives you a glimpse into life inside our Boarding House, affectionately known as the 'BoHo'.

Celebrating CGGS community at the Fete

After taking a year off from the fete in order to spread our 90th anniversary celebrations across the entire year in 2016, 14 October marked the return of our muich-loved annual celebration of the CGGS community - the Fete! Enjoy some highlights from our 2017 Fete.

Be supportive - The Gabriel Foundation

Chair of the Gabriel Foundation, Mr David Holmesby, hosted a delighted group of visitors at the 2017 GGG Day event. He spoke about the pivotal role the Foundation plays in raising funds for the ongoing development of the School and helping us meet our strategic intents.

Be empowered - The Genius Project

Head of English Faculty, Geoff Piggott talks about The Genius Project - an initiative which empowers students to choose, research and create a project driven by their passions, all the while linking back to the curriculum.

Introducing our Lake Precinct

Due to open at the start of Term 1 2018, this landmark building on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin will be a multi-purpose hub for academic, co‑curricular and pastoral care pursuits for students of all ages.

Be transformative - Languages at CGGS

Head of Languages Faculty, Janelle Horsington knows language learning transforms who we are, how we think and the way we interact beyond the classroom.

The Green Room

Four storytellers – each with diverse backgrounds and careers – came together for the launch event of The Green Room on Wednesday, 2 August 2017. Grammarian Claire Harvey (1994), was joined by Professor Joan Leach, Professor Kirin Narayan and Dr Raihan Ismail, to discuss ‘the importance of storytelling in all our lives’.

Innovation in the Junior School

In her role as Head of Learning and Innovation in the Junior School, Alex Galland enjoys nothing more than seeing our young students exploring innovation through curiousity, creativity and collaboration. Our Junior School students are the innovators, the inventors and the discoverers of the future.

Innovation in the Senior School

Murray McKay is the Innovation Facilitator at the Senior School. His classrooms are hives of activity as he encourages and supports students to take risks and 'think big'. Listen to Murray, and our Head of Science and Technology Faculty, Melissa Musgrove, talk about the environment in which our students learn and thrive.

Be inspired - Founders' Day 2017

Each May, Canberra Girls Grammar School looks to its past and celebrates Founders’ Day. In this video, we share with you the special occasion that is Founders’ Day. Special thanks to Grammarians Jane Crawford (Middlemiss, 1986) and Gemma Dashwood, OAM (1995) for your inspirational speeches.

Be confident - Pastoral Care in the Senior School

Join our Director of Pastoral Care, Jeanette Widmer, as she talks about the Senior School program which develops service, leadership, study skills, creativity, friendship, cyber awareness and safety knowledge, life skills, resilience and optimism in students.

School Tours at Canberra Girls Grammar School

Join us for a student-led tour of the CGGS campuses. We run a number of organised tours throughout the year and also welcome the opportunity to show you around the School at a time more suitable to you and your family. Contact our Admissions office to book.

Be brave - Year 5 students are girls with grit

Head of Junior School, Angela Whitaker, introduces our unique Girls with Grit program. Targeted to Year 5 students, the program fosters and promotes a range of skills for success in the 21st century by focusing on outdoor education, learning how to learn and happiness and wellbeing.

Be curious - Introducing Peter McDonald (and Prep B!)

Ever wondered what some of our youngest students get up to on a regular day at CGGS? Director of Junior School, Peter McDonald, joined Prep B as they created maps and explored the concept of transport by having tiny robots travel through constructions.

Be creative - ELC Art Extravaganza

Pre-Prep students created their very own artworks which went on display for their parents to see at the ELC Art Extravaganza. Experience the imagination and colour of the event and listen to some heartfelt reflections from proud parents.

Be informed - School Tour Days

Our student tour guides ensuring visitors to the School not only see our incredible facilities, but also hear stories along the way from girls who live and breathe CGGS on a daily basis. Meet two of our 2017 tour guide, Annabel and Nithya.

Be involved - join our Mother's Day Classic team

For the past two years, CGGS has earned the title of Biggest School Team at the Canberra Mother's Day Classic. Principal Anne Coutts and 2017 Sports Captain, Imogen Laing invite you to join us as we attempt the hat-trick!

Be creative - the CGGS Music Program has an exciting year ahead

Dean of Music, Joel Copeland and 2017 Music Captain, Tara Melhuish chat about the extensive music program at CGGS and the Community Concert where students, staff, Grammarians and other members of our community will join together to perform Requiem for the Living by Dan Forrest.

Be prepared - Kate Pickard, School Captain for 2017

Our School Captain for 2017 is science-loving Year 12 student, Kate Pickard. Kate talks about the broad range of opportunities available to all students at CGGS - both inside and outside the classroom.

Be inspired - Audrey Kuan, Head Girl for 2017

Junior School Head Girl for 2017, Audrey Kuan's welcome speech to the entire Junior School was so inspiring we decided to share it with all of you. Watch and listen as this vibrant Year 6 student talks about her vision for the School in 2017; her hobbies; and the importance of living each day with passion in your heart.

Welcome to 2017

Principal Anne Coutts' welcomes CGGS parents to a new school year and talks about the importance of teachers and parents working together to bring out the best in our students.