Year 9 English Genius Project Showcase

Posted 8 September 2017 9:58am

Year 9 English students recently hosted parents at their Genius Project Showcase. The event provided a wonderful opportunity for students to celebrate and share their achievements. 

The Genius Project empowers students to choose, research and create a project driven by their passions. By providing students the freedom to guide their own learning, their individual talent, creativity and genius is encouraged and developed throughout their project.  Student Elizabeth Tooth, who created a digital magazine titled Gods of Olympus, said, “I enjoyed the freedom of creating my own project and learning more about my chosen subject of Greek and Roman mythology.” 

Students created a diverse range of impressive projects including novels, films, cookbooks, poetry, art, music, children’s books, video games, websites, blogs, television ads and magazines. In addition to creating projects connected to the English curriculum, students also developed their skills in collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, research, report writing and the perseverance required in project work. Nishanka Kupurge, whose project titled “Social Eyes”, a virtual reality game, said, “I enjoyed creating something that involved stepping out of my comfort zone.” 

Rebecca Loan
Year 9 English Teacher

Photo above: Emma Phillips shares her Genius Project with her family at the Showcase.

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