Posted 26 November 2015 2:10pm

Last week, Year 8 Mandarin embarked on a journey to the Garden of Friendship and Chinatown Sydney! We developed multiple interesting skills like calligraphy where we used water colour to create a detailed picture of a lotus which floated beautifully along the Chinese Garden Lake. We also did kung fu in which we learned how to be patient, respectful and to kick and punch in a very cool way! Everybody was very enthusiastic and it was a great activity to do as a whole group. After that we had yum cha for lunch, it was a feast for the eyes (and the stomach too). There we got to acknowledge the Chinese food culture in depth as we learned how to appropriately drink tea, use chopsticks and of course to enjoy the delicious food. Even though we did not spend a long time in Sydney, I can speak for everybody in saying that we had fun experiencing all these activities in a new environment. It was definitely an amazing day and I hope this excursion continues as a tradition throughout the years.

“Yum cha was definitely the highlight”- Maeve Howell

“The year 8 Mandarin excursion was really fun. Learning kung fu was fun although it was boiling hot. The Yum Cha was amazing. Everything served on our table was delicious”- Cindy Zhang

“It was really fun and enjoyable”- Alanah Jansen

“I love this excursion, really good! Yum cha is very delicious”- Charlotte Yang

“I really enjoyed the excursion and found the food very enjoyable but especially enjoyed the kung fu”- Antonia Cholewick

“The excursion was the highlight of my school year. My favourite part was the Garden of Friendship”- Ailin He


Karina Lewis (Year 8)

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