Year 7 science students link to Nautilus Live

Posted 25 June 2015 2:47pm

The Ocean Exploration Trust, based out of Rhode Island University, puts together a Corps of Exploration headed by Dr Robert Ballard—the scientist who discovered the wreck of the Titanic, as well as black smokers and hydrothermal vents. Each year the Corps of Exploration heads out on the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus to map and uncover our oceans and on Monday, a group of CGGS Year 7 science students had the opportunity to interact via video link with scientists currently aboard the Nautilus Live expedition. As part of the class study of ecosystems, the students had been following the Nautilus investigation of underwater hydrothermal vents and the associated fascinating and unusual marine life via the Nautilus Live website

After overcoming some initial technical difficulties, the students heard from Rachel Rayner, an Australian scientist, along with her colleague Leigh Marsh, a Postdoctoral Research Student from the UK, about the current Nautilus investigation. Students also had the chance to ask specific questions and will continue to monitor the investigation via the website over the winter break. We hope to welcome Rachel to CGGS later in the year to talk further about the expedition and also the amazing opportunities that a career in science offers.

Robyn Woinarski
Science Teacher 

PHOTO ABOVE: Erin Behel.

PHOTO BELOW: Clare Burns.