Year 11's challenge is ELC's reward

Posted 2 March 2018 12:30pm

During the first week of Term 1, all Year 11 students went on a two-day orientation camp, focused on team building and learning about the CGGS peer support program.

Over the course of the camp, students completed different activities to learn the importance of group work; one of which was the challenge of building a bike. As a team, students completed different tasks that rewarded them with different parts of the bike. The challenge ended with the girls assembling their bikes, with the fastest team winning. It started off as a pretty fierce competition, but as the challenge went on, the students focused less on winning and more on the fun of the tasks, one of which included a 500-piece puzzle!

At the end of the process, we had twelve balance bikes ready for our CGGS Early Learning Centre students to learn to ride on.

Last week a group of us delivered the bikes down to the children at the ELC. The trip was quite rewarding as the younger students thanked us before jumping straight onto the bikes and begin to ride!

Michaela McGrath
Year 11 Burgmann

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