Winter Sport sign-ups

Posted 15 March 2019 8:45am

Senior School Winter Sport sign-ups have been open for a couple of weeks now and we are seeing good interest. Here are some more details about what to expect for each of the sports.


Pre-season training has commenced and will be held every Tuesday at the SCNA (Deakin), continuing right through the winter season. Grading will be incorporated into these training sessions in April.

Term 1 (pre-season) Intermediates will be training 5.30–7.00pm and Seniors at 7.00–8.30pm.

If students have missed the online sign-up window, they can still email through their names to Mrs Kate Durham, Teacher in Charge of Netball -


Trials and grading will take place in Week 7 of this term on the school oval from 3.45–4.45pm:

  • U13s and U14s – Tuesday, 19 March
  • U15s and U16s – Wednesday, 20 March
  • U17s and U18s – Thursday, 21 March

Mrs Romina Schofield is the Teacher in Charge of Soccer –

Any students who would like to play soccer and have missed the online sign-up window should contact Mrs Schofield.

Touch Football

Students need to attend a trial session – the last of three will be held on Monday 18 March.

Please contact the Teacher in Charge of Touch Football, Mrs Jenny Lancaster - for more details and late sign-up enquiries.


Trials have been held but late sign-ups need to act quickly by contacting Mrs Martine Hadden, Teacher in Charge of Hockey on


Trials will be held in the CGGS Senior School Gym at the following times:

  • U14 – Monday 18 March 3:40pm-4:40pm
  • U16 – Thursday 14 March 4:40pm-5:40pm
  • U19 – Tuesday 13 March 3:30pm-4:30pm

Students who have missed the online sign-up window should contact the Teacher in Charge of Basketball, Mrs Jane Hincksman –

Once trials are complete and teams have been decided, parents will receive further information on how to complete the registration for their daughter and a permission form to complete and submit.