Wicked wraps after sold out shows

Posted 23 May 2019 3:57pm

After months of preparation, Wicked came to life at Canberra Girls Grammar School.

Across the four shows, the cast and crew revelled in the opportunity to perform to a full house, bringing the community together for a celebration of acting, singing and dancing.

The musical, which focusses on friendship, female empowerment and standing up for what you believe in, featured more than 40 CGGS students on stage, supported by male cast members from Marist College and St Edmund’s College. Many more students played in the orchestra while others worked hard behind the scenes moving props, assisting with make-up and wardrobe and providing tech crew support.

Without the dedication of Director, Kieran Branson, and Musical Director, Natalie Guile, Wicked would not have been possible. Your dedication, determination and direction brought out the best CGGS has to offer.

To everybody involved – there are too many to name, but you all know who you are – thank you so much. As is always the case with a production of this scale, it is the smallest of details that elevate the experience. From ‘monkeys’ roaming the aisles, to the construction of a bespoke dragon, finely crafted gowns and a discretely placed ‘wind machine’, these well-considered elements helped transport audiences members to another world for the duration of the show.

The School is still buzzing with lingering excitement and we continue to receive positive comments from people who enjoyed the production. We still have a number of programs available, if you would like one, please visit the Student Area or Community Relations in the Admin Building.

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