Welcome back travellers!

Posted 10 August 2018 10:42am

As they settle back into the Canberra winter and school life, 23 of our Japanese and Asian Studies students are dreaming of 40 degree days in Osaka attending Kozu High School, venturing out to summer festivals and enjoying the sights and sounds of Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Osaka in Japan.

The experience of strolling through the ancient streets of Kyoto in their summer kimono, meditating at the temples, and taking tea like the samurai of old, are some of the images that are sure to linger, long after the, “walk through our text book” has ended. The maturity and resilience of our ambassadors was truly something of which to be proud.

Similarly, as our Kozu exchange students arrived back in Japan this week, they are dreaming of kangaroos, semi-formals, market day events and a fantastic experience with their CGGS host families. An enormous and heartfelt thank you to those who warmly welcomed our guests into their hearts and homes. An emotional farewell was had on Sunday for our 12 travelling students and their teacher Mr Kitao who also enjoyed teaching our senior students. A further two students will continue their studies at CGGS until the end of Week 4. This longer exchange will also be reciprocated with our students studying in Osaka at Kozu this summer.

In our very first reciprocal year, our exchange between CGGS and Kozu has been an amazing success. The behaviour of the girls and the exceptional care and hospitality shown to students in both hemispheres has made this an unforgettable experience for all.

Janelle Horsington
Head of Languages Faculty

Photo above: CGGS students visiting Kyoto in their summer kimono.

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