Wearing the pants!

Posted 8 September 2017 10:08am

Last month we announced the introduction of navy pants/trousers as an optional uniform available to any student who wishes to wear them.

Sample sizes of the navy pants are now available in the Uniform Shop and generally take about two weeks to arrive after the order is placed.

This move to include pants has generated quite a bit of buzz, both on social and traditional media platforms. Our Facebook post about changes to the uniform (21 August) reached over 12,000 people and generated more engagement than nearly any other post in CGGS history – around 20% of people who saw the post either liked, commented, shared or clicked on the post.

More recently, Principal Anne Coutts was asked by journalist, Jenna Price, to comment on the decision to include pants in our uniform. You can read the full article here.

Finally, ABC News filmed a segment this week which includes footage of some Year 5 CGGS students playing hockey (in their shorts!) and an interview with Anne Coutts. This story is due to air on Friday, 8 September at 7.00pm and has already featured on ABC24 Breakfast and online. We will be sure to share link with you once it has aired.