Visual Art in the Junior School

Posted 21 November 2019 5:35pm

Visual Art is an integral component of our learning experiences in the Junior School.  Not only are our students experimenting with ideas, techniques and different media, Art is also authentically linked with their classroom focus and units of inquiry. And most importantly, art is lots of fun!

Year 2 has been learning about geometric and organic lines, pattern making and colour to create an array of colourful artworks.

Meanwhile, Year 3 students have embraced learning about Pablo Picasso and his determination to be true to himself and his art styles. This concept of self-confidence and self-expression linked authentically with their How We Express Ourselves inquiry. The girls enthusiastically created their own cubist, Pablo inspired portraits. Following this inquiry, the girls created their own Mood Boards, exploring the link between colour, emotion and Art.

Inspired by Rosalie Gascoigne and part of the How We Organise Ourselves inquiry, the Year 4 students used resources from nature, objects found, reused or recycled to create Art. They really are SmART girls!

Australian artists were the focus in Year 5 as part of the Where We Are in Place and Time inquiry. The girls explored how Australian artists have depicted various Australian landscapes over time and discussed the many changes they noticed. As part of this inquiry, they visited the National Art Gallery of Australia, focusing on artists such as John Glover (an English artist who incorporated lots of green, lush hills and trees into his landscapes), the Australian Impressionist Arthur Streeton and the contemporary art of Fred Williams and John Olsen.

“This year art has been amazing and lots of fun. I loved all aspects, but I have particularly loved the Australian Landscape project,” said Year 5 student Ridhima Mookerjee.

“One of the best parts was going to the Art Gallery. I was inspired by Rosalie Gascoigne and her recycled art. My creative piece used spare cardboard, some wood, bark, dried flowers and other organic materials. I have really enjoyed art with Ms. Develin.”

Year 6 have spent much of the term working on their product expressions for their Exhibition. Students have spent time designing logos incorporating the theme of Humanity, which is the driving concept for their PYP Exhibition.

Lily Maljkovic, Grace Harriden and Aaliyah Tosun from Class 6G said, “we have enjoyed art as it lets us be imaginative and creative and we get out of comfort zone but we also love how our art connects with our class work and our units of inquiry.”

Rosie Develin
Art Teacher

Photo above: Year 2 students working with geometric and organic lines, pattern making and colour to create an array of colourful artworks.

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