Under 12’s ACT Swimming Championships

Posted 7 June 2018 9:29pm

On Monday 7 May, the 12 years and under ACT Swimming Championships was held at the AIS. CGGS had 12 students participating in the championships. Congratulations to all who participated in the event.

The students who participated are: Claire Bridley (Year 4), Maggie Burdon (Year 6), Alice Hincksman (Year 4), Ruth Leach-Dowe (Year 3), Amelie Martin (Year 5), Ava Peden (Year 5), Claudia Ryall (Year 2), Olivia Ryall (Year 4), Marina Tzanetos (Year 5), Katelyn Wall (Year 3), Miranda Worswick (Year 5), Isabelle Worswick (Year 6).

The standout achievements are:

12 years

Maggie Burdon

-        9th 200 IM

-        8th 50m Freestyle

-        6th 100m Freestyle

-        4th 100m Backstroke

-        7th 50m Backstroke

-        3rd 200m Freestyle

11 years

Marina Tzanetos

-        3rd 50m Backstroke

10 & Under

Alice Hincksman

-        8th 50m Breaststroke

Olivia Ryall

-        9th 50m Freestyle

-        9th 50m Butterfly

Katelyn Wall

-        3rd 50m Freestyle

Miranda Worswick

-        1st 50m Freestyle

-        1st 50m Backstroke

Congratulations to all the students who participated. You all achieved great results and should be very proud of your accomplishments!

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