Tradition runs deep with Kitchen Tyrell debates

Posted 10 May 2018 3:02pm

On May the Fourth (be with you!), the annual Kitchen Tyrell debates with CGS took place in the Science Atrium in the Senior School. These Year 12 and 9 debates provide the forum for friendly rivalry as students take the floor to make their point.

In the Tyrell debate, the CGGS Year 9 students; Ashwini Sivankumar, Tess Chung, Jaymie Noonan and Annie Lloyd, argued victoriously that ‘as a force sensitive child in the Star Wars universe, this house would chose the dark side’, and we’re all now terrified of what they would do, given the opportunity to use the force!

In the Kitchen debate, the CGGS Year 12 students; Kate Thompson, Ellen Thurlow, Steph Jones and Maddy Pont took the negative on the topic, ‘badges are better than blazers’. Unfortunately (or fortunately), CGGS will not have to change the school uniform, as Firsts blazers will not be instituted, losing narrowly to an eloquent CGS team.

It was wonderful to have a crowd of well over 100 supporting the students on the night and all agreed they had been treated to debates of both humour and significant intellectual calibre.

Steph Jones
Debating and Public Speaking Captain

Photo above: Year 9 Kitchen Tyrell Debate Team - Tess, Ashwini, Annie, and Jaymie.


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