Top IB student credits CGGS with instilling perseverance

Posted 9 January 2020 1:54pm

Congratulations to our 2019 top International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma student Katherine Flint, who earned a score of 43, equating to an ATAR of 99.60.

This outstanding achievement brought the total number of Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) students with an ATAR above 99 to 11 (8.8% of the cohort). Such a score, by design, is awarded to only the top 1% of students in the ACT and NSW. The outstanding results of CGGS’s 19 IB students equated to a median ATAR of 84.30 for the 2019 graduating class.

In her final year at CGGS, Katherine was a member of the Senior Council and Debating and Public Speaking Captain. She was also an active member of the Safe Schools Committee, Amnesty International Group and undertook the Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award.

At her graduation ceremony, held on 5 December, Katherine earned IB prizes for Language Acquisition (French) and Individuals and Societies.

Katherine said that during her time at CGGS, there was never a question of whether she could or could not achieve whatever she desired.

“By encouraging and challenging me, my teachers have instilled in me a work ethic and dedication to persevere,” said Katherine.

“The school has celebrated my successes with me and encouraged me to try again and keep moving forward when things don’t go to plan.”

She was also grateful for the “incredible opportunities” she had at CGGS, including: delivering a speech on climate change at Old Parliament House; participating in the Girls Leadership Network and contributing to society through Share the Dignity and an Antipodeans’ expedition to Peru.

IB Diploma Co-ordinator at CGGS, Ms Sarah Trotter, said that while students’ academic growth is a cornerstone of the IB, it is their personal and interpersonal growth that is inspirational.

“Meeting and talking with IB students, past and present, is always the best way to really understand the benefits of an IB education – they are accomplished, caring and intelligent people and the future is safe in their hands,” Ms Trotter said.

CGGS Principal Anna Owen commended the IB cohort on their achievements and recognised the extended advantages of undertaking the IB programme.

“These students dedicate themselves to a rigorous course of study and as a result, IB cohorts tend to display academic perseverance - confronting difficulties, obstacles and distractions, knowing they are inevitable parts of the road to success,” Mrs Owen said.

“Moreover, as a smaller group within the larger school, they form a special bond which often results in unlikely friendships and a support network each of them know they can call on in times of need.”

Combining the BSSS and IB results, CGGS students achieved the following:

  • Thirty-six students (28.8%) earned a score greater than 95. 
  • Forty-eight students (38.4%) earned a score greater than 90.
  • Eighty students (64.0%) earned a score greater than 80.

In Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Fiji) 3,024 students sat for the IB Diploma from a total of 18,745 in the November 2019 examination session throughout the world. 

Australia had 67 schools with 2,654 Diploma candidates. Their average was 34 with a pass rate of 92%.