Student Achievements

Posted 14 February 2020 11:15am

Less than a week before Christmas, alpine skier Isabella ‘Izzy’ Davis (Year 12) received the call to say she had been selected to represent Australia at the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, Switzerland. With only a few weeks to spare, Izzy trained in the USA before arriving in Europe, where she was joined by her mother, Annabelle (Shanahan, 1983), and Grandfather – ready to cheer her on.

While Izzy reveals she didn’t ski to her best abilities, she did take away many lessons for both sport and life.

“I think the most significant lesson I have learnt is not to become overwhelmed with the pressure and expectations, instead just focus on what is in front of me at that time,” Izzy said.

“I feel I can now pass on my experience to other young athletes to help and inspire them to reach for their goals. I’d say ‘never give up and give it all you’ve got’ because you never know where all that hard work will take you. Now I’m back, I’m excited to focus on my final year of school.”

When asked what the highlights were, Izzy reflects on the importance of family and community.

“Seeing the beaming face of my grandfather, who, at the age of 89, travelled over to see me race. His being there really made the Youth Olympics so memorable for me.

“Finally, I am super grateful for all my teachers who have supported my sporting aspirations and to my friends and family for always being there for me.”

Meanwhile, Izzy’s sisters, Jacqueline (Year 10) and Abbey (Year 9), who after just a few days back training with the Jackson Hole Ski Racing Club, travelled to Utah for a U16 qualifying race for the Western Region Championships, and secured some strong results - Jacqueline a 3rd in a second-run of slalom and Abbey an 8th.

It looks like the Davis sisters have plenty in store for a stellar skiing season!