Student Achievements

Posted 10 August 2018 12:28pm

Madison Mulligan (Year 10 Deakin) represented Australia in the New Zealand Lead Climbing Championships in Auckland at the end of July and won the Youth A Female division. Congratulations, Madison, on another outstanding result in climbing!

Alice Hincksman (Year 4 Bates) came 1st in the 10 years girls race at the ACT Cross Country competition held on Wednesday,13 June 2018. With a time of 8:14, Alice is definitely one to watch!

The following Year 6 students will represent CGGS at the ACT Touch Football Gala Day on 16 August – feel free to congratulate them if you cross their path: Isla Beames (Mackellar), Mary Brennan (Mackellar), Elizabeth Connolly (Gilmore), Annabel Grimwade (Mackellar), Laura Harding (Gilmore), Olivia Harker (Chisholm), Tiahna Larkham  (Mackellar), Tara Strickland (Bates), Caitlin Swane (Bates), Chloe Tierney  (Bates), Charlotte Wilson (Chisholm) and Luci Wilson (Chisholm)

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