Snowsports - National Interschools Championships

Posted 21 September 2018 12:14pm

CGGS students recently competed at the National Interschools Championships with some outstanding results, including two individual national champions!

  • Isabella Davis (Year 10 Burgmann) - National Interschools Alpine Champion, Years 9-10
  • Jacqueline Davis (Year 8 Burgmann) - National Interschools Alpine Champion, Years 7-8

Additionally, three CGGS teams won gold medals:

National Champion Alpine Team, Years 7-8

Mia Byron (Year 8 Kilburn)
Abbey Davis (Year 7 Burgmann)
Jacqueline Davis
Catherine Hardman (Year 8 Waverley)

National Champion Skier X Team, Years 7-8

Abbey Davis
Jacqueline Davis
Catherine Hardman

National Champion Alpine Team, Years 9-10

Lara Agnew (Year 10 Glebe)
Eliza Coggan (Year 9 Burgmann)
Isabella Davis
Sophia Nikias (Year 10 Robertson)

Other outstanding results from CGGS students:

Scarlett Bellamy Peate (Year 10 Deakin), 2nd - Snowboard Slopestyle Year 9-10
Abbey Davis, 4th - Alpine, Years 7-8
Jacqueline Davis,
3rd - Skier X Years 7-8
Charlotte Thompson (Year 12 Deakin), 3rd - Snowboard Years 11-12
Lily Veleba (Year 8 Robertson), 3rd - Moguls Years 7-8

Mogul Team 3rd place, Years 7&8

Mia Bryon
Grace Dimoff (Year 8 Kilburn)
Lily Veleba

We believe this is the first time CGGS has had two national individual champions and three championship teams.

A few facts regarding the National Snowsports Championship series to give you an idea of the scale of the event:

  • Schools from NSW, ACT, SA, QLD and WA
  • Number of entries: 3,380
  • Number of participating schools: 220

Lorraine Peck has done an almighty job putting the teams together and entering them, which takes a huge amount of time, and Nancy Lee was amazing stepping for Lorraine and being up on the hill with the girls at the regional event. A bunch of parents have also taken volunteer official roles throughout the series and we thank them for their dedication. 

Photo above: National Champion Alpine Team, Years 9-10 - Lara, Isabella, Sophia and Eliza.