Sharing our favourite stories

Posted 15 June 2017 10:21pm

Ten of our Year 9 English students are writing a children’s book as part of their Genius Project.

The English Genius Project allows students to explore their own passions and encourages their creativity. In addition to writing children’s books, students are creating websites, films, blogs, cookbooks, art and magazines on topics of their choosing.  This week our budding children’s authors were warmly welcomed into Mrs Hinz’s Year 1 classroom. This visit encouraged students to share their talents and enthusiasm for reading, writing and illustration. 

The Year 9 students read copies of their favourite picture books to their very enthusiastic audience. The students enjoyed sharing their knowledge about stories and how stories can help us develop a stronger understanding of ourselves and our contribution to the world. The students particularly enjoyed sharing some of their favourite stories including Are we there yet? by Alison Lester, Guess how much I love you? by Sam McBratney and Josephine wants to dance by Jackie French. 

Year 1 student, Zoe Richardson, reflected that she, “Likes how the pictures can also tell the story,” while her classmate, Alexandra Sgalippa, said she liked how, “The Year 9 students shared their stories with lots of expression.”

Each day our Year 1 students work on a range of reading, writing and critical literacy activities that build their knowledge and understanding of how texts are constructed and the power of language.

Mrs Odette Holweg, Teacher Librarian, then shared her expertise in children’s literature with our Year 9 students. As the Year 9s departed, Charlotte Foley (Year 9 Waverley) reminisced about her Junior School experience; “Everything looks so familiar but it looks so much smaller.” Our Year 9s look forward to revisiting their new Year 1 buddies next term by returning to read their finished children’s book.

Our school community is linked in a myriad of ways: from siblings studying across all campuses; and the ties between our parent, teacher, staff and student communities. We are closely linked through our sense of belonging in our welcoming school community.

Photo above: Charlotte Foley and sister Cordelia Valentine with Nina Konstantinou. 

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