Senior School Swimming Carnival recap

Posted 21 September 2017 4:29pm

The school hosted its annual swimming carnival and despite the cold and the wave of illness that appeared to be plaguing the school community, students demonstrated a strong sense of House spirit during the day.

The House cheers flowed amongst the sea of Glebe Gordon Ramsay aprons and chef hats, tinsel and Santa hats from the Robertson reindeer, rainbow hula skirts and luau costumes of Waverley’s Waikiki theme, the ominous black batgirl masks from Burgmann. We had 128 competitive races and of course, the two participation races.

For our swimming carnival presentation, we were lucky enough to have Alicia Coutts, five time Olympic medallist and flag bearer at the Delhi Commonwealth Games join us to award trophies to our recipients. The age champions for the 2017 swimming carnival were:

12 Years Runner Up: Evie Harrison

Champion: Iris Leach Dowe

13 Years Runner Up: Lauren Goldie

Champion: Emma Willett

14 Years: Runner Up: Holley Abbey

Champion: Emily Honeyman

15 Years: Runner Up: Phoebe Varela

Champion: Lukah Tuan

16 Years: Runner Up: Bronte Castle

Champions: Georgia Warren

17 Years: Runner Up: Adele Burke

Joint Champions: Charlotte White and Rachel Crawford

18 Years: Runner Up: Amy Abbey

Champion: Bianca Gillett

The Pippa Downes 200IM winner was Rachel Crawford, (Deakin) in a time of 02:35.76

The Stephanie Reeves 100m Freestyle winner was Charlotte White, (Waverley) in a time of 01:02.53. Charlotte White had a fantastic day in the pool, breaking the record in the 50m backstroke. She also competed in the Golden Flipper, a race consisting of Charlotte White (Waverley), Holly Abbey (Waverley), Rachael Crawford (Deakin), Emily Honeyman (Robertson), Emma Willett (Robertson), Phoebe Varela (Robertson), Adele Burke (Deakin) and Iris Leache Dowe (Deakin) - the eight fastest CGGS swimmers. As usual, the Golden Flipper was hotly contested with Charlotte White claiming top honours, just edging out young gun Holly Abbey.

After all the competitive races, participation races and the house chants, it all came down to the final points tally for the houses with Deakin (774 points) coming out on top in the gold medal position, followed by Robertson (737 points) in second position and Waverley (623 points) in third.

Michelle Guererro
Acting Head of PDHPE

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