Posted 17 March 2016 3:40pm

March 14 is known as Pi Day around the world. On this day, mathematicians celebrate Pi recognizing its unique place in Mathematics. To recognise the day, girls competed to see who could recite the most digits of Pi from memory. Eager candidates gathered in the Science atrium, striving to win the prestigious Pi earrings.

Four girls took the stage in front of over 100 spectators. Naomi Fifield (7K) began with a creditable 35 decimal places, followed by Stephanie Jones (10D) who recited 46, Sophie Allanson (12K) (whose attempt at winning over the judges with food was greatly appreciated) recalled 64 digits, and Breanna Lee (12W) improved on her last effort of 167 decimal places to take the honours with 198 decimal places of Pi.

The baking competition was jointly won by Erin Behel (8R), Fatima Ahmed (8W) and Asha Clementi (11W).

Well done to all involved, and especially the organisers of the competition.

Joanna Leaman
Head of Faculty, Mathematics

Photo above: Year 8 students Erin Behel and Fatima Ahmed with their Pi-pies.

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