PE in the Junior School – more than just skills and rules

Posted 6 June 2019 7:15pm

In the Junior School, we help students discover there are so many fun and enjoyable physical activities, to suit different interests, and all abilities, shapes, and sizes. As educators, we do so much more than teaching physical skills and rules of the game.

As an International Baccalaureate World School, our Physical Education (PE) curriculum supports the attributes of the PYP Learner Profile. Students have the opportunity to be a principled risk taker in a supportive and safe environment. Discovering the thrill of accomplishment and the confidence that grows after achieving a goal. We challenge students to be principled in playing by the rules, caring for others and being good losers and gracious winners. We encourage students to be reflective of their behaviour and evaluate their own performances, with guided questioning to foster development. Communication skills are enhanced during games and learning a sense of belonging and comradery that comes with working well as a team.

Our 2019 Junior School Sports Captain, Macy Strickland (Year 6), enjoys participating in the variety of options available at CGGS.

“PE is so great because we are able to try lots of different sports," said Macy. “This gives you an opportunity to find a sport you love and can have the potential to excel in.”

Our program aims to create a lifelong love for physical activity.

Empowering young women to have the confidence in their abilities and personal attributes, to be involved and not just watch from the sidelines. Knowing that team sport, racing and being physically active doesn’t finish with school, but a wonderful (and normal) part of a balanced lifestyle that continues throughout life.

We educate in partnership with parents and look to them to help instil an appreciation of what we can all achieve through staying active.

“As a parent of three children who love sport, the benefits of PE are so much more than just undertaking physical activity, which we all acknowledge is vital for lifelong health,” said Kylie Cooke, mother to Scarlett (Year 4) and Bronte (Year 7).

“PE in the Junior School provides our children with the opportunity to try different sports and develop a wide variety of physical skills. It also teaches life skills such as working as a team, building resilience, developing leadership opportunities, understanding strategy and taking risks in a safe environment.”

“PE is an important part of a well-rounded education, with the added bonus of what kids value the most in life - having fun.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Junior School Co-curricular Sport Program, click here to see the handbook.

Amy Dwyer
PE Teacher

Photo above: Chisholm students enjoying tug-o-war competition at the Junior School Athletics Carnival.

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