Posted 17 March 2016 3:43pm

In 11ENGMM and 8EN7 we were recently fortunate to enjoy a visit from author and Paraguayan Chargé d'Affaires, Mr Esteban Bedoya. Perhaps best known for his novella, The Apocalypse According to Benedict, a work published in 2008 in which the author has Benedict retire – at the time an act of fantasy which indeed came to pass in 2013, Mr Bedoya is an award winning writer of short stories and novellas, and one of these, ‘The Inward Path’, was included in an anthology of stories we studied in 8EN7.

In both classes we had the rare opportunity to ask questions of an author and come to know something of his life and motivations. Commenting to me afterwards, Mr Bedoya commended the students for their intellectual curiosity, comparing them favourable with university students he has encountered in presenting seminars. He was particularly impressed with the girls’ interest in the psychology of the author.

Patrick Marman
English Teacher

Photo above: Class 8EN7
Front row (L-R): Lilia Boag-Humphreys, Isabella Cousins and Amelia Service.

Back row: Patrick Marman, Sophie Mulder, Zara Bonet, Abby Wise, Esteban Bedoya, Clarissa Reed, Patty Parr and Georgia Miles.

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